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Календарно-тематичне планування уроків англійської мови у 8 класі за підручником О. Карп’юк “English 8” 2015-2016 н.р. II семестр

   II Семестр (3 години на тиждень)

Little Dog Snip

307xNxChih32LK.jpg.pagespeed.ic.AXZhJ74cZ9   Snip is a little dog. Snip lives in a little dog-house. One day Snip says,”I want to run, I want to play”. And he runs out of his house. He runs in the street and sees two little kittens. “Bow-wow”, he says. The little kittens run from him. “Bow-wow”, he says. “This is good. I am big and the little kittens run from me”.
   Snip runs and runs. He meets five little chicks. “Bow-wow”, he says. The little chicks run from him. “Bow-wow”, he says. “This is good. I am big and the little chicks run from me”.
   And Snip runs and runs. He meets Mother Hen.”Bow-wow”, he says. But Mother Hen does not run from him. She runs after Snip. “Bow-wow”, says Snip. ”This is not good. I am not very big. Mother Hen doesn’t run from me”. And he runs back to his dog-house.
to say – говорити, сказати
to run out – вибігати
from him – від нього
after them – за ним
to meet – зустрічати
Mother Hen – квочка
to run back – бігти назад

Little Apples and Big Apples

   Little Ann likes apples. She likes to look at them, she likes to play with them, she likes to eat them. Her mother gives her apples every day. But today the little girl’s mother has no apples. She cannot give Ann an apple. But Ann wants to have an apple. She comes up to her mother and says: “Mummy, I want an apple. Give me an apple, please”. “It is evening now, my girl. All apples sleep in the evening. You must go and sleep, too”, answers her mother. “Oh, no Mummy. Only little apples sleep. Big apples do not sleep. Give me a big apple, please, Mummy!”
Постав «+» біля речення, що відповідає змістові тексту, і «-» біля того, що не відповідає.
1. Катря – маленька дівчинка.
2. Катря – велика дівчинка.
3. Катря дуже любить вишні.
4. Катря любить дивитися на яблука, але не любить їх їсти.
5. Матуся дає Катрі яблука вечері.
6. Матуся дає доньці яблука кожного дня.
7. Сьогодні матуся вирішила не давати дівчинці яблука.
8. Сьогодні ввечері дівчинка не хоче їсти яблуко.
9. Матуся не може дати Катрі яблука, тому що їх не залишилось.
10. Матуся сказала, що маленькі яблука, як діти, лягають рано спати.
11. Катруся сказала, що яблука ніколи не сплять.
12. Катруся попросила матусю дати їй велике яблуко.

A Sly Cat

скачанные файлы   When he was a strong young cat he caught many mice. The mice were afraid of him then. But in time he grew old and could not catch mice any more.
   One day he decided to play a trick on the mice. He lay on his back and did not move at all. A mouse saw him and thought he was dead. She ran to her friends and said, “The cat is dead! Let us dance and play.” And all the mice began to dance and play. They were very happy, they danced and danced round the cat; and the cat did not move. Then one of the mice jumped on the cat’s head. “Look at me! Come nearer, all of you! The bad cat is dead! Let us dance on his head!”
   But suddenly the cat jumped up and caught the foolish mouse. The other mice ran away as quickly as they could.
   Mice! Never believe a cat! Don’t forget!
sly – хитрий
mice – миші
play a trick – обдурити, обманути
foolish – дурний
Mark the right statements “True” and the wrong ones “False”.
1. When he was a strong cat he caught many birds.
2. The mice were afraid of him then.
3. But in time he couldn’t catch mice any more.
4. But in time he didn’t want to catch mice any more.
5. One day the cat decided to make friends with the mice.
6. He lay on his back and did not move at all.
7. A mouse saw him and thought that he was dead.
8. And all the mice began to cry.
9. They were very happy and they began to dance around the cat.
10. The cat did not move.
11. Then one of the mice jumped on the cat’s back.
12. But suddenly the cat jumped up and caught the foolish mouse.

Describing the Person Who Has Influenced Your Life the Most

   I don’t know who has influenced my life most, but I think this person is my father. His name is Vadym Nykonenko. I’ve known him since my childhood.
   He has broad shoulders, dark hair, green eyes. He is handsome, but very tall and thin. He is always well-groomed and his clothes are always tidy. But his character is not very good. On the one hand he is sociable, gay, persistent, straightforward, confident, forceful and witty. On the other hand he is arrogant, anxious, aggressive, impulsive, some times lazy and stubborn. So am I. He was interested in watching TV, making things with his own hands, repairing bicycles, motorbikes.
   I lived with this person for some years. I love him very much. But at the same time I hate him because he has left me. But while living with him, he taught me how not to be afraid of problems. He taught me how to laugh at funny films and stories, how to be positive in life. I’m very thankful to him for it, I’ll never forget it. But I’ll never forgive him leaving me!