A Good Journalist as I See Him

  1. The public right to know of events of public importance and interest is the main task of the mass media.
  2. They serve to inform people of different events that take place or may happen.
  3. They not only entertain people or even help to make their lives better, they also bring to people different information.
  4. Usually daily mass media carry some international, state and local news.
  5. I think a person of journalist plays a great role in mass media.
  6. I believe the duty of journalists is to serve the truth.
  7. To my mind, a good journalist has to gather and present the news with intelligence, objectivity, accuracy and fairness.
  8. Journalists can speak unpopular opinion and agree or disagree with the majority through the pages of the papers.
  9. A real journalist must be free of obligation to any interest other than the public’s right to know.
  10. Many writers during long periods of their lives worked as journalists.
  11. Mark Twain is one of them.
  12. He worked as a journalist in newspapers in Nevada and California during the years of the Civil War.
  13. His witty style, characterizing all his following works, was formed during his work in “Territorial Enterprise”.
  14. So, a good journalist’s credo has to be – any information should be true, democratic, it should address contemporary life and embrace all aspects of life.
  15. He has to be a born writer of great talent.
  16. The conversation has to be witty, humorous and often exact and precise.

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