A Sea Voyage

   If you are on holiday and spend it by a sea, it’s a pleasure for you to go on a voyage. All you have to do is to book the tickets in advance. Of course, you want a separate cabin for your family, and you ask for a firstclass cabin with three berths to be reserved for your family. On the day of your departure all your family comes to the quay because the ship you want to take is moored there. The passengers go up the gangway onto the deck; they try to find their cabins. Some cabins are aft, some are forward or amidship. After finding your cabin you are happy to settle down in it But if you want to breath the sea air and look at the busy traffic of the harbour, you may come out on deck/ Soon the steamer leaves the port and goes out towards the open sea- It sails at a high speed, land if the sea is rough, the ship pitches and rolls. There is one thing you’ve got to bear in mind-when you are on board the ship. Some people can’t stand travel­ling by sea because they get sea-sick. And if you have no problems with your health, you will enjoy travelling. You feel the deck of your steamer under your feet; you see the waves rising and falling; you feel fresh sea water drops flying and splashing in your face; you hear sea gulls crying out their song of joy and freedom. Thus if you are a roman­tic soul by nature you are sure to like it.Very soon the shore fades from view. In some time the passengers are invited to dine in the restaurant. You enjoy your meals and a splendid view of the open sea.
   By the evening the sea grows calmer and you enjoy looking at the beautiful sunset at sea. It is really worth seeing.
   But in some time your ship reaches the place of destina­tion and you are sorry to go ashore. You feel healthy and refreshed; the voyage was very useful and pleasant.
   Finally, in a few weeks’ time you get tired of relaxation and become home-sick. It’s not for nothing that they say “East or West — home is best”.

Word List:
to be on holiday – быть в отпуске
voyage – морское путешествие
in advance – заранее
to reserve забронировать
quay – причал
to moor – пришвартовывать(ся)
gangway – трап
deck – палуба
to sail at a high speed – плыть с большой скоростью
rough – грубый, неспокойный
pitch – килевая качка
roll] – бортовая качка
aft – в кормовой части судна
forward] – в носовой части судна
amidship – в середине судна
harbour – порт, гавань
to bear in mind – иметь в виду
on board the ship – на борту корабля
can’t stand doing something – не мочь переносить чего-либо
be/get sea-sick – страдать “морской болезнью”
drops – капли
to splash – брызгаться, плескаться
sea “gull”-морская чайка
to go ashore – сходить на берег
refreshed -освеженный
relaxation – расслабление, отдых
to become home-sick – скучать по дому
it’s not for nothing – не случайно
“East or West — home is best” (proverb) – „В гостях хорошо, а дома лучше” (пословица)

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