American Press

   There is no real national press in the USA as there are more than 85 newspapers published in 34 languages. There exist two main groups of newspapers: qualities and populars. Only 2 or 3 newspapers with the largest circulation tell their readers about some rumours or crimes.
   Quality newspapers contain only reliable serious information. They may also publish cartoons. “The Wall Street Journal”, “The New York Daily News”, “The USA Today”, “The New York Times” have the largest circulation among the daily newspapers.
   The main function of press in America is to give objective informa­tion. The materials should be given in full volume and newspapers should give floor to all possible facts and opinions. There is also no secret information for the press. The information is usually taken from the News Agencies. The largest and most famous of them are: Associated Press (AP) and United Press International (UPI). There also exist about 122 domestic and foreign news bureaus in the USA.
   There are over 4000 monthly and 1300 weekly magazines in the USA. Among them are: “National Geographic”, “Reader’s Digest”, “Cosmopolitan”, “Time”, “Vogue” and others. Women’s magazines publish all sorts of recipes, stories about local or outstanding women, furnishing questions and other items.
   Publishing books in America is rather a prosperous business. America is on the 9th place in the world by the books, published and read. Public libraries always organize book sales. Most newspapers and magazines publish chapters from the books of young authors.

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