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A Sly Cat

   When he was a strong young cat he caught many mice. The mice were afraid of him then. But in time he grew old and could not catch mice any more.

   One day he decided to play a trick on the mice. He lay on his back and did not move at all. A mouse saw him and thought he was dead. She ran to her friends and said, “The cat is dead! Let us dance and play.”

Jim. 4th Form.

    Read the text and then do some tasks

    Jim lives in a nice house in a beautiful town of Chester. The house has a big living-room, a small dining-room, a kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom. In the living-room there are two comfortable armchairs, a sofa and a TV with a CD player. The modern kitchen has got a new cooker and a fridge. There two bedrooms with wooden wardrobes. The bathroom has got a bath and a shower. There is a lovely garden behind the house.

Test in Reading 2nd Form

The task on this text you can get here.

Three Men in a Boat

Agree or disagree

  1. I woke up at eight o’clock the next morning.
  2. At that time Harris had rooms in the house of a lady called Mrs. Gippings.
  3. One morning his watch stopped at ten o’clock.
  4. This happened in spring, so it was dark in the morning.
  5. When George woke up, he looked at his watch. It was a quarter past eight.
  6. George took his watch and ran upstairs. The dining-room was dark and silent.
  7. George was very angry with Mrs. Gippings.
  8. The front door was unlocked.
  9. There were many people about in the street and shops were open.
  10. George could see only three people: a policeman, a man, who was taking vegetables to the market and one was a taxi-driver.
  11. George asked the taxi-driver what time it was.

New Life in the Country

to fetch— сходити за кимось, принести

plodding – повільний і важкий

prank— витівка

to look on — дивитися як на, вважати за

whereabouts— приблизне місцезнаходження

to urge— примушувати, поганяти

to wander — мандрувати, блукати

errand— доручення