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School Life

Level – starter;
A 1 (elementary)
Topic. School Life
Practical (skills-forming): to teach students listening comprehension, speaking on the topic, answering questions on the content of the text.
Educational: to enrich students’ topical conversational vocabulary; encourage students to learn English-speaking culture.
Developing: to improve students’ listening, reading, speaking and grammar skills; to enhance their cognitive abilities and memory; pairs and group co-operation.
Moral values: to cultivate the aesthetic taste, sense of friendship and desire to work   hard to achieve great success in the life.
Equipment: handouts (cards, text for reading), tape-recorder.
Plan of the lesson
I. Lead-in (1min.)
II. Warming up: Vocabulary revision (5 min.)
III. Listening comprehension. Quiz: “School Subjects” (5min.)
IV. Group work (card: “Favourite Subjects” (5 min.)
V. Communicative activities. Dialogues: “It’s Lunch Time” (3 min.)
Dialogue: “Extracurricular activities” (3 min.)
VI. Communicative activities. Monologue: “My School week” (3min.)
VII. Relaxation (2min.)
VIII. A minute of Grammar. / Book work. Ex. 3, p.39 (5min.)
IX. Communicative activities. Monologue: “Schools in Ukraine” (5min.)
X. Reading comprehension. Text: “Willy Jackson”. Group work (5min.)
XI. Hometask setting (1min.)
XII. Summary (2min)
I. Lead-in (1 min.)
(The theme of the lesson is on the board)
T: Good morning, children! I’m glad to see you. How are you?
Ps: I’m fine! I’m very good! I’m so-so! I’m bad! I’m very bad!
T: Who is on duty today?
P1: … is.
T: Who is absent?
P2: … is. / All are present.
T: At our lesson we are going to talk about School Life, your favourite subjects, time table, Schools in Ukraine.
II. Warming up: Vocabulary revision (5 min.)
1. T: Now, make up the word from the jumbled words and remember their meanings (Teacher puts on the board the table) (Див. тут)
2. Odd One Out (Див. тут)
1. Friday, Maths, Thursday, Monday, Wednesday, Tuesday.
2. History, PT, English, Friday, Ukrainian, Handicrafts.
3. Headmaster’s Office, Nurse’s Room, Nature Study, Cloakroom, Library.
4. An exercise-book, a ruler, a pencil, a dog, a pencil-box.
5. Breakfast, lunch, School Canteen, dinner, supper.
Keys: 1. Maths; 2. Friday; 3. Nature Study; 4. a dog; 5. School Canteen
III. Listening comprehension
Quiz: “School Subjects” (5min.)
Pre-listening activity
T: We shall listen to the Quiz: “School Subjects”, you will guess what subjects are spoken about in every short text.
(Teacher gives handouts with the list of active vocabulary and task). (Див. тут)
T: First look at the new words and expressions. Let’s read them. Mind the translation.
orally                 [‘o:rәlı]        усно
to describe       [dıs’kraıb]   описувати
to count           [kaunt]         рахувати
to do sums       [sΛmz]        робити задачі
to grow            [‘grou]         вирощувати
in the open air   [εә]            на відкритому повітрі
Test in Listening “School Subjects”