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Speaking situations. Form 9

  1. The Things I Like to Do When I am At Home
  2. My Study and Plans for the Future
  3. The Most Important Holiday in Ukraine
  4. I Like in the Media
  5. My Favourite Sport
  6. My Best Friend
  7. Technology in Our Society
  8. Shopping
  9. Music I Like
  10. The Purpose of Education in Our Society
  11. A Celebrity Who Inspires Me
  12. My Study Habits
  13. My Perfect Day
  14. An Environmental Problem in My Country
  15. Kyiv is the Capital of Ukraine
  16. The Museum I Have  recently visited
  17. What Life Will Be Like in the Future If We Stop Using Mobile Phones
  18. The Action Film I Have Recently Seen
  19. The Book I Have Recently Read
  20. Travelling

9-Form 2005

  1. What’s your favourite TV program? Say what makes you love this program?
  2. Speak about the most important event that has recently happened in Ukraine.
  3. Speak of the traditions and customs in different spheres of British life.
  4. Make a report on the life and activities of one of the British prominent public figures (statesmen, authors, actors, artists etc.).
  5. Speak about the film(s) you are ready to see a second time.
  6. Discuss how important art is in your life and how it can change you.
  7. You are in the library. What books will you choose for reading? Why?
  8. Discuss the geographical position of your region (territory, birthplace).
  9. You are a big city dweller. Last summer you stayed with your friend in the country. Speak of the advantages of living in the country.
  10. Make a short speech about the role English plays in the world as a means of communication.
  11. Speak to an English friend and describe to him some Ukrainian customs and traditions.
  12. You do enjoy listening to music. Dwell on which you prefer and why?
  13. You work in a travel bureau. Give a short prospect of information about your country.
  14. Expand on “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.
  15. Suppose you prefer to spend your weekend at home rather than going out somewhere. Give your motives.
  16. Expand on the statement that the English have no climate, they have weather.
  17. Ask your friend about the book she/he has recently read. Don’t forget about the author of the book, its title, the plot, etc.
  18. You have just returned home from London. Tell your friend about your impressions of the trip, sights, museums, etc.
  19. You are planning your American friends’ visit to Kyiv. What would you like to see in Kyiv? Give your reasons.
  20. Speak of a person who is your ideal of beauty. Be sure to mention: colour of his (her) eyes and hair, complexion, features of the face, figure, limbs, voice and manners.