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Виставка малюнків з теми: “Природа очима дітей” (6 клас)

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Мрія, яка здійснилася

Our Free Time

Love Stories

Love Story 1 

      One man fell in love with a beautiful girl. They decided to see each other that day. It was one of the first their love appointment. He was in a hurry. He bought a wonderful bunch of red roses. He was going along the dark empty street. Suddenly he saw many drunken people. They came up to him and asked for cigarettes. He said that he didn’t smoke. Then they became very angry and beat him. They threw him into the shop window. He was upset and decided to take a taxi. But he was taken to the police. He had to pay for the shop-window. Next day he went to his girl friend but she didn’t want to see him because she was waiting for him for the whole evening and they had a serious quarrel.

Short Description of the Story I Have Recently Read

Yana Babenko

Form 8

The Speckled Band

  1. This book comes from England.
  2. Arthur Conan Doyle is a famous English writer.
  3. The title of the story is “The Speckled Band”.
  4. The story is about a young lady who was in danger. She came to Mr. Sherlock Holmes to ask for help and he solved her difficult problem.
  5. The young lady’s name was Helen Stoner. She was kind and pretty. Her stepfather’s name was Dr. Roylott. He was cruel and greedy. He did all his best to kill his one stepdaughter.
  6. They lived at Stoke Moran. It was a dark and unhappy place to live. Helen’s sister died one night. They were twins. Helen suspected her stepfather of a crime. Mr. Sherlock Holmes understood that he tried to kill a young lady because of inheritance. It was a snake.
  7. The end of the story was happy. Dr. Roylott died because of his snake and Helen Stoner was alive and happy to get married to her young man.
  8. This story was also about Mr. Sherlock Holmes, a famous detective, whose method of solving the most difficult problems was to notice and analyze the smallest details, even if they seemed unimportant. I was impressed by his intelligence.
  9. I liked the story very much, because it was a thrilling detective story about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. They were clever and helpful. They were always ready to help people in their hardships.