Do You Agree That Zoos Are Out-of-date and Cruel Institutions That Should Be Closed Down

  1. I think it is a problem, because some people think that zoos are out-of-date and cruel institutions or that they should be closed down, but others think that zoos are not out-of-date and cruel institutions or that they should be closed down.
  2. There are zoos in all countries and people like to go to them.
  3. As for me, I like zoos, because they help us to see real animals or to study about their lives.
  4. Of course we can see or study about animals from TV natural programs and from the books, but we shall not be able to reach any results when we don’t see them with our own eyes.
  5. To my mind, animals in zoos live in cages that are too small for them, but they have enough food there.
  6. Sometimes I’m very sorry for those animals, but I understand that in such a way we can save some rare species or even we can take them to increase their number.
  7. It is so fun to visit the zoo and watch monkeys’ behaviour or to feed birds, when nobody sees that.
  8. We know that much money is given to this institution to keep animals in proper order.
  9. So I disagree that zoos are out-of-date and cruel institutions.
  10. They are useful, interesting, helpful and fun for children all over the world.

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