East or West – Home is best

   “East or West – Home is best”, as an English proverb says. It’s true. There is no place like home. Varva is my native town. My parents, grandparents and all my relatives live here. We are so happy to have such a great home land. It is not a very big town on the picturesque banks of the river Udai. It has a memorable history and a rich culture. There is an oil and gas plant in Hnidyntsi not far from Varva. The people of our town are proud of its places of interest. There is a park with its monument to those who didn’t come back from the World War II there. If you come to our place for couple of days I will show you my gymnasium, a new church and we’ll drop into our best café to have a snack. You will be also surprised of kindness and politeness of our people. It’s a pity we have no concert-halls or theatres but you may enjoy watching new films at our local cinema. We have a lot of opportunities to go in for sports because there is a big stadium in the centre of our town.
   Varva is especially unique in spring. It is very green and its streets turn into one blooming garden.
   To tell the truth, I am so lucky to be born in such a beautiful town.

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