English Poems and Rhymes

Different Languages

(by Edith Segal)

I met a little girl
Who came from another land
I couldn’t speak her language,
But I took her by the hand.
We danced together
And had such fun!
Dancing is a language
You can speak with anyone

One, Two

(by Alan Benjamin)

One, Two.
The west wind blew.
Three. Four.
The thunder’s roar.
Five. Six. Seven.
Rain from heaven.
Eight. Nine. Ten.
Sunny again.

A Happy New Year

The day is so clear,
The snow is so white,
The sky is so bright,
We shout with all might,
“A Happy New year!”

Easter Bunnymaineastereggs_shutterstock_129998759

Hop, hop, the Easter Bunny!

You are pretty and funny!

Easter Bunny comes

to bring Happy Easter!

Welcome spring!