Exercise Pictures: If I Were There

Level: Intermediate +

Provides Practice of: speaking, listening

Grammar: conditional

Vocabulary: various

Materials: pictures from magazines/newspapers of odd or exciting situations such as car races, deserts, vacation spots, restaurant settings, etc.

Time: 20-25 minutes

   Procedure: To warm up, ask students where they would like to be right now. Why? What would they be doing? With whom would they be? etc. Pair students and give each pair two pictures of odd or exciting situations, anything could work. Explain that each pair must tell each other what they would do if they were in the setting of each of the pictures, where it would be, what people would do, what they would feel, what would they say, hear, see, etc. Ex: If I were there, I would…I would be…I would see…I would say…etc. Ask each student to report what his/her partner said. As homework, students may write about it.

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  1. chepurko svitlana коментує:

    The texts with grammar and flashcards are fantastic. I’ll definitely use them at my lessons.

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