Exercise Pictures: Which One Is It

Level: Beginning +

Provides Practice of: speaking, listening

Grammar: present indefinite

Vocabulary: adjectives, descriptions

Materials: pictures from magazines/newspapers of 4-6 similar objects (6 cars, 6 watches, 6 persons, etc.) for each group of 5 students

Time: 15 minutes

   Procedure: To warm up, draw on the board 3 similar drawing (house with garden, trees, etc.) but make them slightly different. Ask students to listen as you describe each picture. Start describing what is obviously similar, slowly describing the differences (ex. This picture is a car. It has 4 tires. It is in the street. It is light colored. It is bigger than normal, etc.). Students must guess which one you are describing. Now, give groups of 5 students a set of pictures. Explain that one student must think of one picture and he must describe it until someone from the group guesses. Students must also start by saying the similarities and slowly progress to the main differences. You can do one last activity with the whole class, giving the first person to guess correctly a small prize.

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