Flashcard Stories

Level: Beginning +
Provides Practice of: speaking, listening
Grammar: any chosen by the teacher or student
Vocabulary: any chosen by the teacher or student
Materials: flashcard pictures
Time: 15 minutes

Procedure: Choose about 5-6 flashcards from the pile that will make a story. Give each group of students one set. As a warm up, ask them to put together what they think the story is that you thought about beforehand. Ask the students to show the rest of the class their flashcards while telling their story. Then, you can tell the students the teacher version of the story. After this warm-up activity, give each group of students a set of approximately 20-30 flashcards or more if available. The students have 5 minutes to create a story using as many flashcards as possible, without skipping cards (they must use each flashcard as it is picked from the top of the pile). Allow each group to tell their stories. Usually, they will be very funny and creative, sometimes not making sense at all, and sometimes very elaborate. The group which used the most cards wins. If a lot of time is available, you may also ask students to write down their stories as they pick up each flashcard from the pile.

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