Hollywood was once all farmland. By 1910, however, filmmakers began moving there. Southern California’s climate was perfect for shooting moving year-round. And the area had settings for just about any movie – it had mountains, desert, and ocean. Soon “Hollywood” came to mean “the American film industry”. Today, of the major studios, only Paramount is still in Hollywood. If you go to Hollywood looking for’ glamour and movie stars, you’ll probably be disappointed: Downtown Hollywood Looks somewhat run-down and the stars are nowhere to be found. But then you’ll get over your disappointment: Hollywood is no longer what it once was, but it still feels like Hollywood. IN Hollywood you can see two great theatres, where many movies premiered: Pantage’s Theatre and Mann’s Chinese. Mann’s Chinese (formerly Grauman’s Chinese) is famous for its cement courtyard with footprints and handprints of stars who were in – and at! – movies the theatre showed. (People say the tradition started when the theatre fist opened and an actress in the movie being premiered accidentally stepped in the still-wet cement). Even if you can’t see the stars, you can see many things associated with them. Hollywood souvenir shops are filled with autographs, old movie posters, costumes, and stills. Stills are photos of scenes from movies. You can go on a tour, for example, the unusual Grave Line Tour. On this tour, you will travel in a hearse, the vehicle that usually takes the dead to the grave. The hearse will take you to places where celebrities died. Hollywood even gives visitors a chance to become stars – on TV game shows. Several shows are based in Hollywood, and visitors can audition, or try out, to be game how participants!

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