Love Stories

Love Story 1 

      One man fell in love with a beautiful girl. They decided to see each other that day. It was one of the first their love appointment. He was in a hurry. He bought a wonderful bunch of red roses. He was going along the dark empty street. Suddenly he saw many drunken people. They came up to him and asked for cigarettes. He said that he didn’t smoke. Then they became very angry and beat him. They threw him into the shop window. He was upset and decided to take a taxi. But he was taken to the police. He had to pay for the shop-window. Next day he went to his girl friend but she didn’t want to see him because she was waiting for him for the whole evening and they had a serious quarrel.

Love Story 2 

      Helen is going to get marry with Bob this evening. She was going to the church through dark empty street. There was nobody in the street. She was very scared. And suddenly she saw somebody. He was following her. She became more scared. She didn’t know what to do. She thought that he was a maniac because he was following her and he hid something behind the back. He caught up with her and she saw that he was not a maniac he was her first love, Michael. He hid the bunch of red roses. He gave it to her. At that moment she understood that she still loved him. They decided to stay together. They called the taxi and they went to the church. At the church she met her bridegroom and told him that they couldn’t be together. They had a serious quarrel but nothing could be between them. She married Michael that evening. This day was the beginning of a new true love.

A New True Love

      A young pretty woman was walking along the dark empty street. She was so thoughtful that even did not notice like darkness has covered her bad mood, it seemed to accompany her sad face. Jane was thinking about the serious quarrel that had happened among her and her husband. Where has love gone? Jane knew definitely that she didn’t love Michael any more.

      Suddenly the taxi stopped at her. She saw a pleasant young man who waved her and proposed her to join him just free of charge. At first she refused but then she realized that it was really not safe to walk through the dark street.

      There was a long conversation during the trip. Jane realized that Jack was the most charming person she had ever spoken to. He showed so many new places, he took her to the restaurant and they spent a great time together. At the end of the trip Jane realized that she finally forgot the quarrel with Michael.

      All the day she was thinking about Jack. But he didn’t come back. She understood that it was a short love affair just for a night, but she couldn’t forget him. In two weeks Jane received a bunch of red roses with the card signed “Your taxist”. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She rushed to the street and saw him standing and smiling… Oh, it was her new true love…

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