latest-20-hd-collections-of-merry-christmas-2016-picturesIt’s that time of year again when friends and family think about the Christmases of the past and plan for the coming holiday with their loved ones in mind. As we reflect on this wonderful holiday, we must keep in mind that Christmas is not just any holiday but may be the most important one of the year for some people. It is a time for remembering, a time to share the goodness of your heart with others, and for expressing with words and gifts what someone means to you. It is a chance to make wishes come true and to give something from your heart. It is a chance to give a message that will express love and caring to the ones we care about the most. As you write your messages, take the time to make a Christmas wish for each and every person on your list. With these thoughts in mind I would like to give you what I think are the best wishes for this holiday.

Happy Youth Day of Ukraine!
   Every year on the last Sunday of June we celebrate the Youth Day of Ukraine, which is a holiday for all who feel young not just in age, but also the soul. It is special and unique thing because the youth is such a one. This is a unique and responsible time when a person enters into an independent life, makes the first own decisions. This is the time when a small victory is the key to success in life.
   Youth has always been, is and will be the driving force of history that does not want to put up with the sad realities of the present and seeks to overcome new heights, act, approve, open world and change it for the better. Modern and educated, you are the creators of today and tomorrow. Your energy and enthusiasm, optimism and perseverance are embodied in science, sport and arts.
So, I wish all of youth creative energy, success, good fortune and realization all your dreams!

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Happy Valentines

   Valentine’s Day, or as it is more formally known, Saint Valentine’s Day, is celebrated on 14th February each year. On this day people share unique, romantic gifts and cards with their loved ones. Also they try to make Valentine Day memorable & romantic. Poetry has been exchanged between lovers since the Middle Ages. For centuries, lovers scribbled love notes to one another on the Day of Saint Valentine. I wanted you to know that you filled my heart with love, joy and pride. Happy Valentine’s day to my true friends!

Actor Alan Rickman has died at the age of 69Alan_Rickman_after_Seminar_(3)

snINActor Alan Rickman, known for films including Harry Potter, Die Hard and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, has died at the age of 69, his family has said.
The star had been suffering from cancer, a statement said.
He became one of Britain’s best-lovedacting stars thanks to roles including Professor Snape in the Harry Potter films and Hans Gruber in Die Hard.
Harry Potter author JK Rowling led the tributes, describing him as “a magnificent actor and a wonderful man”.