Political and Economic Situation in Ukraine

  1. The grave economic crisis in Ukraine greatly influences the political situation in this country.
  2. Many political parties only discuss the current political situation but they are unable to improve it.
  3. To my mind, they only fight for their candidates for forthcoming elections.
  4. Thanks to our politicians Ukraine was recently involved in a political and economical gas war between Ukraine and Russia.
  5. People from western countries suffered from the lack of gas.
  6. Russia accused Ukraine of stealing gas and that’s why Ukraine had some difficulties in relations with the West European countries.
  7. The rising of the course of dollar is also one of the urgent economic problems nowadays.
  8. That’s why medicine, different goods, vehicles have risen in price almost in twice in Ukraine.
  9. Many politicians only criticize the Ukrainian Government for its inability to solve the urgent economic problems among which are the rise of unemployment, the delay of wage payments and the falling of industrial and agricultural production.
  10. The reforms of the education system and the public health services are also discussing in Mass Media.
  11. The political situation in the present day Ukraine is very dramatic and unstable but I believe that it is steadily moving towards a better future.

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