Rest and Leisure. Hobbies

   People spend their rest in different ways. It depends on their personal interests. And personal interests are numerous. Some people are keen on music or literature. Everyone likes dancing of some kind. Perhaps you are keen on ballet: classical or modern. Or perhaps you like country and folk dancing or just moving to the rhythm of popular records. Some of the most popular hobbies are: philately, collecting view cards, coins and books. Some people are interested in modern architecture. They collect pictures showing the most interesting architectural designs of different times. My friend, for example is fond of collecting records of this sort of music or another. Whenever I come to him, he’s listening to music or looking at his collections of stamps. He has stamps showing different kinds of painting fauna, flora, spaceships, cars, sports, etc. He sits for hours admiring them.
   Others are interested in photography. They like taking photos of his­torical buildings and relics of ancient culture. They always take their cam­eras with them when they are on holidays. They keep a photographic rec­ord of family events. A useful hobby is collecting tape recordings. You may have recordings of operas, light music, folk music and jazz music. Some people like travelling and sightseeing in the town where they spend their summer vacation. They visit museums, picture galleries, theatres. As for me I like to see films, especially feature films or animated cartoons. I usually watch films on TV sometimes I go to the cinema if a good film is on. One of my hobbies is also reading and whenever I have some spare time I don’t miss a chance to read an interesting book, a paper or a maga­zine.
   Summer offers people the best resting opportunities. That’s why chil­dren look forward to their summer holidays all year round. If you have a good, rest in summer you become healthy and strong and this helps you to be strong-willed enough in studying. Going on hikes, long walks, bicycle rides, camping, swimming, mountain climbing, travelling makes all boys and girls cheerful. They always keep fit. Going on bicycle rides and hikes also gives you a lot of fresh air, you enjoy beautiful scenery, remarkable places, and you never feel bored, because you find an occupation for yourself. You get a lot of impressions and excitement, you are full of joy, you may observe many things of the surrounding world with delight. And I think, it’s a poor life if you have no time to look around attentively with curios­ity and interest, if we have no time to watch beautiful trees, woods, streams, stars in the sky. Some people prefer organised rest in camps or resting houses. Same people prefer staying in hotels, because they are com­fortable without crowds and much noise. I think camping is much better than standing in hotels. But, of course it demands good weather, because there is nothing worse than camping in rain. I like when several families go camping together. I don’t mind noise and crowds. I think the holiday is not much fun if you don’t meet other people.
   In winter I am fond of skiing and skating. Good rest is the source of spiritual enrichment, education, fostering the best qualities in your character.

Vocabulary list
leisure = дозвілля                                                    
lie in the sun = загоряти
recreation = відпочинок, дозвілля                                      
sunbathe = загоряти
entertainment = відпочинок, дозвілля                              
at the seaside = на морі
at leisure = в час дозвілля                                            
in the open air = на свіжому повітрі
admire – милуватися                                                    
beach = пляж
afford = дозволити собі                                                
merry-go-round = каруселі
be looking forward to = дуже чекати                                    
swing = гойдалка
pick berries and mushrooms = збирати гриби і ягоди                                
entrance fee = плата за вхід

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