Schooling in Ukraine

   As a rule, schooling begins at the age of 6. The Ukrainian educational system is organized into four levels: primary, secondary, higher and post-secondary education.
   General secondary education is compulsory. Post-secondary education is available in different ways. Primary and secondary school has three stages: junior, basic and senior. Primary school comprises grades 1 to 4. Grades 5-9 are usually referred to as “basic school”, while 10-12 are “senior school”. Students usually study in the same school building throughout their primary and secondary education. Primary schooling lasts 4 years and basic school 5. The middle school curriculum varies slightly between schools. There are then 3 profile years. New types of schools appeared: gymnasiums, lyceums and private schools.  Post secondary education is provided by vocational training schools, universities and institutes. Higher education gives different qualifications: primary specialist (Bachelor’s), specialist and Master’s Degree. Higher education is either state funded or private. Ukraine cooperates with more than 50 international educational organizations.

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