Shops and Shopping

Shops and Shopping

5th-B form

Тема уроку.  Shops and Shopping.

Цілі уроку.

Навчальна мета: активізувати лексичний матеріал теми.

Розвиваюча мета: розвивати навички діалогічного і монологічного мовлення;розвивати комунікативні здібності й навички користування англійською мовою.

Виховна мета: виховувати свідоме ставлення до навчання, до вибору продуктів харчування, правил поведінки між покупцями і продавцями.

Освітня мета: розширювати уявлення учнів про продукти харчування в Україні.

Обладнання: малюнки, картки,  аудіозапис, кросворд.

План уроку

  1. Організаційний момент

T: Good morning, pupils. And now greet our guests. I am glad to see you. Our topic today is “Shops and shopping”. I think it is very important because we need many things for our life. So, I am sure that we can not imagine our life without shops.

  1. Мовна зарядка

T: But at first let’s speak about seasons and weather. Look out of the window. What is the weather like today? Why do you like today’s weather? What season is it now? … And now using the method of microphone everybody will tell me one sentence about spring (Учні по черзі, передаючи мікрофон, говорять по одному реченню про весну).

T: Thanks, and let’s summarize everything, you’ve spoken about spring.

P1: Many people like spring, because it’s the most wonderful, the most beautiful and the greenest season of the year.

T: Well done. Please, tell me what you usually do in spring.

P2: We can play in the yard, go to the wood and work in the fields and gardens.

T: And do you help parents about the house?

P3: Of course, I do. I clean my room, help to do the cooking.

T: And what do you do about the house?

P4: I water the flowers, do the washing up and go shopping.

T: Do you like to go shopping?

P5: Yes, I do.

  • Активізація лексичного матеріалу по даній темі
  1. Робота в групах

T: Now we’ll revise our words and word-combinations. Let’s join 3 groups. I’ll give you cards (Див. тут) with 2 columns of words. You should match the words with these columns and make up word-combinations with them.

Card 1 Card 2
A can of fish A can of rice
A bottle of chocolate A bottle of tomatoes
A pack of jam A pack of juice
A bar of butter A bar of eggs
A carton of flour A carton of oil
A bag of water A bag of coca-cola
A jar of milk A jar of chocolate

Card 3

A can of tea
A bottle of olives
A pack of soap
A bar of lemonade
A carton of sugar
A bag of apple juice
A jar of fish
  1. Робота в парах (аудіювання і письмо)

T: You know that we can buy these products and goods in different shops. On your desks you can see crosswords. (Див. тут) Let’s guess the words that are hidden there.

  1. We can buy here milk, butter, cheese, yogurt…
  2. There tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, and other fruit and vegetables.
  3. We ca buy here trainers, sport suits, skis and skates.
  4. It’s not a shop, but we can buy everything here.
  5. There are sausages, tea, coffee, tinned fish, sugar, flour.
  6. There different kinds of meat, sausages, chickens.
  7. You can buy here medicine, toothpaste, shampoo.
  8. There is white and brown bread, buns, rolls, cakes.
  9. At this shop you can see wardrobes, tables, arm-chairs, sofas.
  10. You can buy here dolls, balls, bears, cars.
  1. Фізкультхвилинка

T: (Вчитель показує дітям ведмедика)

    Where can we buy this bear?

P1: We can buy it at the toy shop.

T: Yes, certainly. This bear came to us from the toy shop. It tells us that it’s time to do our physical exercises

Teddy bear, teddy bear – turn around,
Teddy bear, teddy bear – touch the ground
Teddy bear, teddy bear – shine your shoes,
Teddy bear, teddy bear – that will do

Teddy bear, teddy bear – go up stairs,
Teddy bear, teddy bear – say your prayers
Teddy bear, teddy bear – turn off the light,
Teddy bear, teddy bear – say “Good night”

  1. Складання діалогу з теми з опорою (Робота в групах).

T: So I am sure you know different kinds of shops and where to buy different products and goods very well. And now I’d like to know if you could do shopping yourselves. First, let’s join 3 groups. You can see stripes with parts of the dialogue. Put them in correct order to make up the dialogue. And our experts will decide what group will be the winner.

(Right variant)
 – Can I help you?  – Can I help you?
 – I want 3 kilograms, please.  – I am looking for potatoes.
 – Here you are.  – How much would you like?
 – I am looking for potatoes.  – I want 3 kilograms, please.
 – Here is the money. Thank you.  – Here you are. Do you want something else?
 – How much would you like?  – Yes, 2 kilos of potatoes, please.
 – Do you want something else?  – Here you are. That’s 10 hryvnyas for tomatoes and potatoes.
 – Here you are. That’s 10 hryvnyas for tomatoes and potatoes.  – Here is the money. Thank you.
 – Yes, 2 kilos of tomatoes, please.

T: So greet our winners.

  1. Перевірка домашнього завдання. Інсценізування діалогів

T: And now I’d like to listen to your dialogues, prepared at home. Your home task was to dramatize the dialogues using products and goods (Учні розігрують діалоги).

  • Читання тексту

T: I liked your dialogues very much. And it was very interesting to listen to them. Now let us read the text about the very famous shopping place in London, which is called Covent Garden. Open your books on page … But before reading try to guess the meaning of 2 new words from the text. So, the first word is a restaurant… The second word is popular…  What’s it?

T: O.K. And now read the text one-by-one and translate it. (Діти по черзі читають по одному реченню і перекладають).

T: Very well, now shut your books. I’ll give you cards, which you should complete according to the text.

  • Узагальнення вивченого матеріалу

T: You’ve done this task very well. But it’s time to summarize everything we’ve spoken at the lesson. First look! We have a magic basket full of different things. So come up to the basket, take anything and tell where you can buy it (Діти по черзі підходять до корзини, витягують речі і розповідають, де вони можуть купити їх).

T: So, what kinds of shops do you know and what can we buy in them?

P1: Shops are very important in our life. We can not imagine our life without shops, because we need many things for our life. And we can buy them in the shops.  We can buy our food, clothes and other things there. There are any kinds of shops such as baker’s, butcher’s, grocer’s, greengrocer’s, ready-made clothes shop, sport shop etc. We can also mention department stores, supermarkets and markets.

P2: I can add. We can buy white and brown brown bread, rolls, cakes and biscuits at the baker’s shop. We can buy different kinds of meat and chicken at the butcher’s. At the grocer’s we can buy tea, coffee, sugar, salt, tinned fish and meat, fruit and other products. We can buy fruit and vegetables at the greengrocer’s shop. And if we need milk, butter, cheese, sour cream, we go to the diary shop.

P3: There are large shops with many departments where we can buy almost all we want. These shops are called department stores. Another kind of large shops is a supermarket. People can buy food and other products there.

P4: When we want to buy fruit and vegetables we can go to the market. There we can buy fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and eggs, milk and other things.

  1. Домашнє завдання

T: And now your home task for the next lesson: review all words and word-combinations, do exercise 5 p. 98 in written. Thank you for your work at the lesson and your marks are ….

T:  Is it comfortable for you to work in groups?

   How do you feel while working in groups?

T: The lesson is over. Good bye.

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