Speaking situations. Form 9

  1. The Things I Like to Do When I am At Home
  2. My Study and Plans for the Future
  3. The Most Important Holiday in Ukraine
  4. I Like in the Media
  5. My Favourite Sport
  6. My Best Friend
  7. Technology in Our Society
  8. Shopping
  9. Music I Like
  10. The Purpose of Education in Our Society
  11. A Celebrity Who Inspires Me
  12. My Study Habits
  13. My Perfect Day
  14. An Environmental Problem in My Country
  15. Kyiv is the Capital of Ukraine
  16. The Museum I Have  recently visited
  17. What Life Will Be Like in the Future If We Stop Using Mobile Phones
  18. The Action Film I Have Recently Seen
  19. The Book I Have Recently Read
  20. Travelling

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