Sports and Games

   Millions of people — from school children to middle-aged and even old people go in for some kind of sport.There are numerous children’s sports centres in our coun­try. They play an important part in the training of future champions. Extensive facilities are placed at the disposal of our sportsmen: sports grounds, football fields, volley-ball and basket-ball courts, yachting and boating stations, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and skiing bases.
   As for me, football is the most popular game. You can see it if you go to one of the important matches. Young people and old people shout and cheer for one side or the other. Nearly every school in our country has its football team and every boy knows much about the game. Football is a good team game. Boys learn to work together with others to help the team. Besides, football is a good exercise for the body; it makes the players quick and strong.
   Tennis is very popular too. There are tennis courts in many schools where pupils can play the game. My brother is fond of basket-ball. It is an indoor game that people can play in winter and in summer. Basket-ball is played all over the World. Boxing is a very popular sport. But I don’t like it. Of course, sport in some form or another is an essential part of our life. It makes us healthy and strong.

extensive— просторий; значний
facilities — можливості; обладнання
court – кopт
ground – майданчик
yacht – яхта
swimming pool – басейн для плавання
team – команда
to cheer – підбадьорювати
essential – істотний
healthy- здоровий

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