We live in a quite normal world. We seem to have everything we need, but every day the world is shocked with new bloody crimes against humanity. They are terrorist attacks which bring destruction to mankind.
   I think terrorism is the main problem of our present world. Thus, each person has his own right to life, but he has no right to take it from the others. Life is our biggest happiness. Murder is a big crime, but when tens, hundreds and thousands of people perish – it is the murder on a large scale. I mean 11 September in the USA when unknown terrorists blew up two tallest sky-scrapes. A lot of innocent people were killed on that day. How dare the terrorists kill hundreds of people? Is murder the only way to solve their problems? Why are innocent citizens and soldiers being killed by war criminals in Iraq?
   The term “terrorism” has been used throughout the history. Let’s remember the reign of some Roman emperors, the French Revolution, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union in the Stalinist era. These regimes represented domestic terrorism and brought misfortunes to their peoples.
   I think if people could understand each other, there wouldn’t be any terrorist attacks. If people could learn a lesson from historical events, our future would be cloudless, without fear, danger and death. I’d like all people not to be careless, think more about life on the Earth because everything we do or have done concerns everyone on our planet.

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