Travelling by Air

   Man’s desire to fly first found expression in fantasy and legend. Then he began to understand the air and true flight became possible. Today travelling by air is a common thing. Many people prefer this kind of travelling because it is more convenient, more comfortable, and, of course, much quicker than any other means of transport.
   If you are in a hurry and want to save up your time, you’d better travel by air because it is the fastest way of travelling. But there is one unpleasant thing about travelling by air — the price of the tickets is too high, the seats are rather expensive. But when you travel on business it makes no difference for you.
   On a flight day after packing your things you get to the airport. There is a bus service from the air-fleet Agency, and the best way to get to the airport is by bus. If you are short of time, you may take a taxi. You must check in your luggage and after the procedure of registration you board the plane. Now you can hear the engines start their work. The plane is taking off. It gains speed very quickly and in a few minutes you are already above the clouds. The land below looks like a small geographical map. After the plane has gained its regular height, the stewardess brings passen­gers some mineral water, sometimes tea and sandwiches. The seats on board the plane are comfortable, and you can sit in a cozy armchair and read a book, magazine or a newspaper, look through the window to see the passing clouds change their colour from white to black. You may just as well have a sleep until you arrive at your airport. While you are sitting in the armchair you must fasten the seat belts. You may also lower the back of the seat and feel yourself comfortable, “as snug as a bug in” a rug”, as the saying goes. In front of you there is a cockpit where a pilot and a mechanic sit. They both and a stewardess are the crew of the plane.
   If you are travelling by plane, there is one thing you’ve got to bear in mind. Some people can’t stand flying and they get airsick, in this case they have to take a pill for airsickness, and in some time they will feel much better. The stewardess will help them with their problems.
   Soon the plane will land and arrive at its destination exactly on time.

Word List:
desire – предмет желания, мечта
expression – выражение
fantasy  – воображение, фантазия
legend – легенда
flight  – полет
comfortable  – удобный, комфортабельный, уютный
convenient –  удобный
means of transport – средства транспорта
to be in a hurry – спешить, торопиться
to save up one’s time – сэкономить время
expensive – дорогой
to travel on business – путешествовать по делам
it makes no difference -. безразлично, нет разницы
on a flight day – в день вылета
the procedure of registration – процедура регистрации
to board the plane – садиться на самолет
engine – мотор
to take off – взлетать
to gain speed’ – набирать скорость,
to gain height – набирать высоту
stewardess – стюардесса
on board the plane – на борту самолета
you may just as well – можно с таким же успехом
to arrive at an airport – прибыть в аэропорт
to fasten seat belts – пристегнуть ремни
cockpit  – место летчика и механика в кабине
crew – экипаж корабля, самолета
to bear in mind – иметь в виду (помнить)
to get airsick – плохо переносить полет
airsickness – „воздушная” болезнь
to land – приземляться
to arrive exactly on time – прибывать точно по расписанию

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