Урок 3

Урок 3

ТЕМА.  Відвідування кінотеатру в Англії.

Цілі уроку. Вчити учнів вилучати інформацію з тексту, який містить нові слова: alongside, cunning, suntan, therefore, unrelenting, superfluous, savage etc за темою “Jodie Foster With a Bag Full of Surprises”. Вчити учнів читати науково-популярну статтю. Вчити діалогічному мовленню за темою статті. Розширити знання учнів про творчість Джоді Фостер та жанри кіномистецтва. Розвивати логічне мислення, пам’ять. Виховувати цікавість до розвитку мистецтва країни, мову якої вивчаємо.

Дидактичне оснащення уроку: роздаткові картки з словами, текст для читання “Cinema”, роздаткові картки “True or False”, фонограми аудитивного тексту “Jodie Foster With a Bag Full of Surprises”.

Тип уроку: чисто-мовленнєвий уpок.

Хід уроку

 I. Початок уроку
1. Організаційний момент. (0,5’)

T. – Good morning, my dear friends. I am glad to meet you  today. How are you? I hope you are well and your things are well too.

2. Мовленнєва зарядка. (4’)

–         Now we shall work in little groups. Let’s join 4 groups: A, B, C or D.

–        Take you seats and discuss in your groups the meaning of the words, which you’ll get on the cards (Див. тут). Then explain their meaning. You have 2 minutes for discussing.

Card #1: director, screen version, top star

Card #2: composer, screenplay, supporting actress

Card #3: producer, script, movie-goer

Card #4: critic, subtitle, billboard.

(діти працюють в мікрогрупах, обговорюючи значення слів)

Card #1

Director – someone who organizes the performance or film.

Screen version – film, shot on some novel, short story, opera, etc.

Top star – the best actress or actor of a film.

Card #2

Composer – someone who makes up song and music.

Screenplay – something like a script written by a script-writer.

Supporting actress – someone who is in reserve and may begin to act in a film at any moment.

Card #3

Producer – someone who produces a film.

Script – something that is written by a script-writer. It includes the main idea of the film main heroes, their characters and ways of life.

Moive-goer – someone who likes to go to the cinema.

Card #4

Critic – someone who may criticize and analyse the actions of actor and actresses etc.

Subtitle – the text which actors say printed on the screen.

Billboard – something, printed on papers, that tells us about the films which are on at the cinemas.

T. – That’s right. Everybody knows the main terms of our theme.

II. Основна частина

1. Повідомлення теми та мети уроку.  (1’)

T. – The topic of our lesson is “Going to the cinema in England”. By the end of the lesson you should be able:

–         to activize the words and word-combinations from the topic “Cinema”;

–         to understand the gist and details of the text for listening and for reading despite the natural difficulties and to express your attitude to their context;

–         to conduct dialogues about going to the cinema.

2. Розвиток навичок діалогічного мовлення. (5’)

T. – Have you been to a cinema lately?

–         What kind of film was it?

–         Do you in all cases prefer a dubbed foreigh film to one with subtitles or are there any exceptions?

–         Which kind of film do you like better – a technicolour or a non-colour film?

–         Who is you favourite film star?

–         Do you like crime film? etc.  (T-Cl; Cl-T; P1-P2)

3. Розвиток навичок монологічного мовлення. (7’)

T. – I see you are great cinema-goers. Now remember and tell us about your last visit to the cinema.

(2-3 учні розповідають по темі)

T. – Thanks a lot for your stories. They were so personal and interesting. To my mind, cinema plays an important role in the life of any society. To be a good critic you have to know different kinds of films and the main reasons you go to the cinema.

4. Розвиток навичок читання і літературного перекладу (Див. тут).

1)   Pre-Reading Activities. Етап підготовки до читання. (1’)

T. – You can read newspapers in English, can’t you? Look at the newspaper headlines of your sheets you have on your desk. (Див. Додатки до ур. 3)

Predict what this article is about.

2) While-Reading Activities. Етап, власне, читання тексту та виконання вправ під час читання. (3,5’)

a)    Skimming. Переглядове читання з метою отримання загального уявлення про його зміст.

T. – Answer these questions:

–         What kind of the text is it?

–         What kind of newspaper is it taken from?

–         What is this text about?

b)   Scanning. Читання тексту з метою максимально точного та повного отримання всієї інформації, що в ньому міститься та критичного її осмислення.

T. – Read the text again and find out if the facts are true or false.

(Роздатковий матеріал. Див. тут)

True or False
1.     The cinema is an excellent vehicle of influence upon person’s psychology and mind.

2.     It hasn’t a great power in advertisement as well as in politics.

3.     It is one of the best ways of spending our leisure time.

4.     All sorts of films play negative results especially on the minds of the younger generation.

5.     TV and VHS-s have made cinema a part of our everyday life.

6.     Sometimes people go to the cinema.

7.     A newsreel is usually shown after a feature film.

8.     In Great Britian and the USA the cinemas (“movies” A.E.) sell more than one million tickets a year.

9.     There are no a lot of different kinds of films.

10.   Cinema doesn’t play an important role in the life of any society.

Key: 1+2-3+4-5+6+7-8-9-10-

1)   Post-Reading Activitied. Контроль розуміння тексту та виконання післятекстових комунікативних вправ (3’)

a)     T. – Make up a plan to the text and write it down into your copy-books

1.     The reasons you go to the cinema.

2.     What things does the usual cinema programme consist of?

3.     Different kinds of films.

4.     Cinema plays an important role in the life of any society.

б) T. – Retell the text according to your plan.

(Непідготовлені відповіді 2-3 учнів)

T. – To my opinion you understood the main idea of this text and you have learned the main kinds of films. You’ve studied the reasons of going to see films at the cinema or on TV at home. You have to remember that some sorts of films can play negative results especially on the minds of the younger generation. But in general a cinema is one of the best way of spending our leisure time and its possibilities are unlimited.

T. – It is clear for me you like to see foreign films, especially American ones. You know a lot about your favourite film star.

5. Розвиток аудитивних навичок.

Аудіювання тексту “Jodie Foster With a Bag Full of Surprises”. (11’)

1)   Pre-Listening Activities. Етап підготовки до аудіювання тексту. (2’)

a)     T. – As for me, my favourite actress is Jodie Foster. What about you?

–         Who is your favourite actor or actress?

–         Is he/her career successful?

–         What films with your favourite actor or actress do you like best?

–         Do you like American actors or actresses?

–         Name some of Hollywood’s most respected actors or actresses.

б) Лексична робота. (1’)

(Слова написані на дошці. Пояснюю їх значення)

Words and expressions for the text comprehension:

Yale (University) – Єльський університет

Alongside – поряд з

Mel Gibson – Мел Гібсон (актор)

Cunning – хитрий, цікавий, віртуозний

Suntan – звернення до сонця

Unrelenting – жорстокий; той, що не зменшується, не послябляється

Superfluous – зайвий, непотрібний

Savage – дикар(ка)

Celebrity – знаменитість

2) While-Listening Activities. Етап слухання тексту та виконання вправ під час слухання (Див. тут).

T. – Listen to the text for the first time and say why Jodie Foster is known as Hollywood Genius.

3) Post-Listening Activities. Контроль розуміння прослуханого тексту і виконання вправ. (3’)

a)     T. – Answer the questions on the blackboard.

1.     Who is Jodie Foster?

2.     How did her filmstar career begin?

3.     What kind of roles did she mostly play before “Maverick”?

4.     What’s her opinion as to the female roles, which are usually offered in Hollywood?

5.     What kind of work in the cinema she prefers?

6.     Speak on the actress’s impression of having worked as a savage girl in “Nell”.

7.     Did Jodie want to mention anything about her private life? Why?

б) T. –Very well. I am very pleased that you are interested in the private life of famous American actors or actresses. Your stories were very thrilling.

III. Заключна частина

1. Домашнє завдання. (2’)

T. – Review your dialogues about going to the cinema. Speak about your favourite actors or actresses, their careers and private lives. If you have any questions on your hometask, you may ask me.

(При потребі пояснюю)

2. Підбиття підсумків уроку. (2’)

T. – Do you like to talk about your pastime? Is it interesting for you to know more about the life style of people in English-speaking countries? What is the main difference?

(Виставляю оцінки)

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