Why Go to School

   “There’s more information on the Internet than in a million schools and in all the teachers and schools books in the world” some of us say, “so, why go to school?”. In my opinion, there’s more education in school than just acquiring information. While the Internet provides information schools can provide knowledge.
   Knowledge is not just information but the organization and interpretation of information, which can be achieved through a good schools curriculum. Besides, the group work, teamwork and games in class can help students define themselves and the way they relate to others. It means that schools, unlike the Internet, provide young people with knowledge, critical thinking skills and social skills.
   It is obviously that some students like school, others think they hate it. For students who are doing well, school is an attractive place. But those who are not successful with their grades and are always pressed by teachers and their parents, consider school boring and uninteresting.
   School is not only a place of formal education, it is a place where students can develop their skills in social relationships, and increase their tolerance and mutual respect for each other.
   At school we can enjoy different cultural and confidence-building activities and, at the same time, realize and demonstrate our individual talents. Everybody has an opportunity to take part in dramatic and musical performances at a school or class party or in school or interschool sports competitions. Now, many of the activities are organized through clubs. They provide variety to the main educational programs and can also be enjoyed away from school and outside regular school hours.
   After the home, school is the main social environment for young people. At school we make our best friends with whom we spend considerable time going together to excursions, concerts, parties and discos.

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